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Regularly scheduled pickups
If you are a business, non profit institution, school or owner of a residential or
commercial property dealing with a high volume of waste materials,
RMW can offer
you a variety of on site collection containers and a pick up schedule based on your
needs. For information on how to get started with a recycling program today click on
the "Contact Us" button.

Walk-ins and On-calls
If you are a person dealing with small amounts of waste or just needing to get rid of
those old magazines and newspapers feel free to drop by and drop off. You are also
welcome to contact us concerning a one time pickup.

Recyclable Materials Accepted:
Products / Services
Saving the future by recycling the past

RMW accepts more than 35 materials,
summarized as:

    printer paper
    white ledger paper
    colored paper
    newspaper and newspaper inserts
    magazines & catalogs/ glossy and matte
    telephone books
    colored ledger paper
    corrugated cardboard
    chipboard/ cereal boxes, facial tissue boxes, beer and soft drink and Asian
    books: hardcover, paperback & telephone
    cardboard core

    all colors of glass

Plastic bottles
    Must bear the numbers 1, 2, 3, or 5 on the bottom of container:
    transparent PET (polyethylene terephthalate), green PET bearing a #1
    translucent HDPE (high density polyethylene) bearing a #2
    PVC (polyvinyl chloride) bearing a #3
    PP (polypropylene) bearing a #5

Other materials
    rubberized foam
    styrofoam/ polystyrene only (such as packing peanuts)
    pallet wrap - stretchtape
    computer ink cartridges
    metals: copper, bronze, aluminum, steel and platinum
    batteries/ household and automotive
    refrigerators and appliances
    used motor oil
    nylon 6 and cast nylon
    ABS & ABS purgings
    unpainted wood waste and old pallets
    clothing hangers
    plastic strapping
    55-gallon barrels
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