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Company Beliefs

I - It is essential to preserve wetlands.

Ohio has lost 90% of its wetlands since the early 1980's.  Nearly 75% of all waterfowl breed only in
wetlands.  The same percentage of commercially harvested fish and shellfish rely on wetlands for at least
part of their life cycles.  Almost 50% of the 595 plant and animal species listed as endangered or
threatened depend on wetlands for survival.

II - Each species is a masterpiece - A creation assembled with great care by genius.

Each species is a magnificent example, the result of millions of years of evolution on our planet.  It is at our
peril, and simply wrong to allow large numbers of them to disappear.  In this century the rate of extinction
brought on by human activity has increased 1,000 times and accelerating.  
efforts to preserve endangered species.

III - We must recycle to reduce the need for new landfills and conserve resources.

In the next 50 to 100 years the world, not just the United States, will run out of, or short of, many important
minerals and commodities.  Long before actual shortages occur, prices will rise.  This profound
development, which is due to world wide population and economic growth, suggests that all countries
should recycle
as much as possible.

If all people would recycle, it would save energy needed to process virgin materials as well as air pollution.
 Locally, we should recycle not only to save resources but to reduce the need for more landfills or
incinerators.  In our County of Cuyahoga, Ohio, all waste generated must go out of the county for disposal.  
This has resulted in increased disposal fees.  Much more of this waste could be recycled before it leaves
our county.

IV - RMW encourages adoption of sustainable practices in all facets of life.
Saving the future by recycling the past
Reduce   Reuse   Recycle