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 About Recycle Midwest

RECYCLE MIDWEST, INC. has been providing recycling
services for businesses, non-profit institutions, public and
private schools, residential and commercial properties
within Northeast Ohio communities since 1989.

RMW was incorporated in Hudson, OH by a group of
environmentally conscious entrepreneurs. Our mission is
to provide the communities and institutions in Cuyahoga
county and beyond with a less expensive way to dispose
of 40-50% of their solid waste.

Since 2003,
RMW has operated a 10,000 square ft plant in Collinwood, OH a historic
neighborhood experiencing new development and community based initiatives.

RMW Farm Division

In addition to the recycling business, we farm organically grown vegetables as well as flowers
that attract pollinators (butterflies and bees) to the garden.  We sell hardy bamboo in several
varieties – the wood of choice in the environmental movement – and holly, fir, pine and
dogwood for holiday decoration.
Saving the future by recycling the past
Richard Holden Bole, Co Founder and
Principals of RMW

Richard Holden Bole, co-founder and Vice President of the environmental firm, National
Testing Laboratory, 1984-1988.
Vice President, international division, Ameritrust company N.A., 1973-1983.

Byron Anderson, private investor and managing officer of Cerco, Inc., Filtros LLC and
Schem Investments.
Reduce   Reuse   Recycle